The adequate fitting for every kind of window. A homogenous appearance is a characteristic common to many modern facades.

The hardware solutions from esco are perfectly integrated with the aesthetic concept. We combine precious material and a high-quality processing with the high demands in connection to safety.

Types of openings

01 Tilt/turn window

It is the “allrounder” of all types of openings: the window may be turned or tilted manually. It is easy to handle and safe.

02 Skylight window

This window is opened outwards and, as a result, there is more space in the interior.

03 Horizontally/Vertically pivoted window

These elements may have room-high dimensions. Due to a turning restrictor it is secure in case of manual operation.

04 Top-hung window

Top hung windows are the best solution for natural ventilation at fully glazed facades. The opening width can be adjusted in 5 levels, the leaf is held stable by means of special opening stays.

05 Parallel opening window

With parallel opening windows the elegant appearance and homogenous view of a glass façade is not affected by opening the windows. Natural ventilation concepts can be implemented easily by means of the continuously adjustable opening widths. Due to the special geometry of the window brackets the leafs may weigh up to 350 kg. Special forms such as triangle or trapeze can be also realised.

06 Sliding turning window

Wherever windows cannot be untwisted because of their sizes, the sliding turning window has proved to be the ideal opening system. Based on the new kinematics, the sliding turning window offers a large spectrum of application possibilities – wherever narrow, room-high rotary elements are needed within the façade. This way one can open very narrow and high windows even in higher stories without any problem. The safety in regard to falls is ensured in the absence of disturbing railings. The fitting is system neutral and can be adjusted to any geometry of the profiles.

07 Sliding or sash window

This type of window is very compact and convenient. esco offers a variety of possible solutions. 

08 Louvered glass window

Even under bad weather conditions, rooms can be ventilated without problems with louvered windows. Besides, these windows can be used as NSHEV and they ensure a safe smoke extraction. The cleaning of the outer side is possible from the inside.


Special hardware solutions from our esco design office:
The very skilled engineers of the esco design office find real solutions for visionary architecture. They work creatively and cooperatively. esco engineers are your partner from the origination of your idea to the finalization of the project and they assist not only with know how but also with assembly drawings, building of mock-up windows, training on site and also with maintenance.


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